7 tips for girls entering high school or college

High school and College can be difficult to navigate, especially if you were never given the tools to handle challenging issues. Some people like to think that the four years you are in high school can set you up for great success while others only remember unimaginable failure.  High school and College are, just like any social environment, what you make of it. It can be the beginning of a very promising future. While you still have your whole life ahead of you, take the time right now to think about your future.

The following list is composed of advice from local career women, who wanted to share their top tips for girls and entering high school or college:

Tip #1: Don’t let the trivial or stupid things that happen in high school affect you.

Learn to dust yourself off. You will encounter drama in high school. Whether it is self imposed or caused by someone else, you shouldn’t let it ruin your day or year. There are some things that are out of your control and you must have the strength to not sweat the small stuff. Let it go.

Tip #2: Your teachers/ professors are not the enemy.  Build those relationships.

Sometimes you will develop strong relationships with your teachers. Other times, you may see them as an enemy who gave you a bad grade or called you out in class. Teachers are there to support, teach, and advise. Find those teachers that you like and respect, build a relationship. With their help, you can receive references, extra academic support, and even counsel for personal issues.

Tip #3: Get a job or work study.

You might think “why do I need to get a job? Isn’t being a student enough of a job.” In college, you will want to participate in various opportunities, whether it is a ski trip or bowling with friends. It is always a great idea to have some money in the bank. You will have other needs that will require some type of income which can be expensive in the long run. As a high schooler, a job has major perks. For example, in addition to some extra coins, it can give you the skills necessary to juggle multiple tasks at once. This can even help you become time efficient.  

Tip #4: Keep a schedule.

Time management skills are one of the most important abilities you can have. Most people do not develop these skills until college and even, I regret not honing these abilities in high school. Learn to set deadlines for when assignments need to be completed and turned in. Log them into your phone or a planner. A planner or calendar will allow you to  keep a schedule for classes, assignments, and other various task. It can help eliminate procrastination and allow you to create more time with friends and family. However, this is only effective if you stick to the schedule.

Tip #5: Get rid of toxic relationships.

All throughout your life you will have to deal with toxic relationships. Now is the time to develop your discernment skills to truly see which relationships are a burden and which relationships are an asset. Anyone who uses you is someone that you need to associate yourself with. Anyone that drags you into their drama and puts you in harms way is toxic. Anyone who always takes your money, advice, or time but never wants to give you those things, is toxic. It may be hard to determine who is truly a friend, however all great relationships take time to develop, Before you let anyone in your inner circle make sure you have taken the time necessary to nurture the relationship and determine whether or not they are destructive or beneficial.

Tip #6: Ask for help

Sometimes it is hard to ask for help because we have to admit that we are struggling. However, teachers, advisors, school counselors are there to help you transition through difficult situations. Don’t be ashamed of needing assistance. Whether it is a academic or social-emotional issues, allow yourself to be vulnerable. Get help when you need it. Utilize all that is at your disposal during your high school and college careers.

Tip #7: In College, don’t take a 8 am Friday class

This may seem like a silly tip, however there is wisdom here as well. Usually in college Thursdays and Fridays are when most of the social activities happen on and off campus. Typically on Friday morning you will want to sleep in, so taking a morning friday class will not be in your best interest, especially if you are not a morning person. However, if you can function on little sleep and still be conscious during a friday 8 a.m, class then ignore this tip.


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