6 bad habits that need to be broken early

Habits are routines and practices that are especially hard to stop. Some habits will lead to success. For example, having good study, eating, and  good thinking habits are things that will help you excel. However, I have come to believe that all habits can become a way of life. They can become so ingrained in your daily routine that they start to become a part of your nature or personality. This is why it is important to break bad habits early. The following is a list of 6 bad habits, compiled by career women, that you should strive to break at an early age:

#1 Procrastination

Procrastination is something that impacts every one of us. Procrastination is also a key differentiator between ones who succeed and the ones who don’t.Procrastination is yet another way of seeking instant gratification instead of looking at the big picture. Not studying for the exam may feel good at present, but feelings associated due to low score later are far stronger.

Another main reason for procrastinating is fear of failure at a new project or work. The best way of dealing with either of the above reasons is making a to-do list and putting the most difficult ones a high priority. Fear cannot be overcome unless faced.

#2 Distracted Work

In this day and age social media has given rise to high levels of distraction. One needs to assign set hours to study or do other planned activities during which there should not be any other distractions by way of social media or friends calling. This will be hard in the beginning, but once we start seeing results of undistributed work and high levels of productivity, it will be well worth it.

#3 Self Doubt

Everyone has a little bit of self-doubt no matter how confident they appear. It is healthy to have a small amount of self-doubt because it keeps arrogance in check. But having more than that is a waste of time. Instead of bias for action, self-doubt results in waste of time before even starting the work. It becomes a vicious cycle when time is spent in self-doubt, this in turn results in sub-standard work thus fueling self-doubt even further. Everyone must focus on reaching success instead of getting caught up on possibility of failure. We are humans and a some point in our lives we will fail, but failure is not the end of the road. Failure leads to the biggest success, because we can learn from our mistakes and grow.

#4 Pessimistic Attitude

It is a common saying, “it’s a big bad world”. The truth is there are good and bad things in the world, we must make the choice to focus on the good not the bad. It not only makes life refreshing and pleasant but also attracts good things. Pessimistic attitudes drain energy, energy that could be focused on action. Life has its ups and downs and during the down time, it is important to remember “this is only temporary.” We must bring our attention to good things about to come. It is imperative to listen to positive messages, music, and mix it with positive people. Pessimism can be like the flu, very contagious. Just like you avoid people who are sick, you must avoid those who have pessimistic attitudes.

#5 Not maintaining schedule

There are studies that prove maintaining a schedule leads to a satisfying life. There should be a time to sleep, work, study and exercise. There will be times when maintaining a schedule may not be possible but getting back to the schedule as soon as possible is key. Maintaining a schedule is the best way to avoid procrastination. Whether you use your phone calendar or a paper agenda, organizing your day will increase your sense of accomplishment.

#6 In active lifestyle

The importance of exercise is emphasized in commercials, billboards, even at school. It is essential to have at least 30 minutes of exercise daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is as important as having a balanced meal. Lack of exercise doesn’t only result in laziness but also health problems. When we young, we must cultivate health habits. Even though double stuff Oreos and stuffed Twinkies are delicious, eating them frequently will cause major health defects in the future. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind which is the core of success. When we maintain a healthy body not only do we feel better physically, but emotionally as well. Consistency is key when it comes to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Don’t quit when because it is hard, persevere and you will see a changes in the way you think and act.

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