Taking Ownership

Don't hide from your Responsibility !

This topic is one of the personal favorites. Taking ownership is not only important in your personal life but also in the professional world. When given any job, no matter how important or trivial, the most important thing to do is to give it your all. Sometimes you will run into situations where your best was not enough. In those situation don’t shy away from the responsibility take ownership of those results.

Many people in leadership roles have a heavy load to bare. You may run into some leaders who believe in blaming others the moment a problem surfaces. You should then question those leadership qualities. Whenever you decide to blame another for your actions it stunts the growth of your personality and character. An excellent leader should have so much confidence in one’s work ethic and quality of work, that no matter difficulties, they stand by their work without needing to blame others. Leaders who own their mistakes, are the people that have respect from their peers. They are someone that you can truly rely on.

Leaders are not the only people responsible for taking ownership. Students, employees, and volunteers are all individuals that will eventually have to take ownership of their actions or work. If you are a student apart of a team project with many members, remember to do your part with utmost sincerity, instead of thinking – “What’s the point, I won’t be noticed” or “Why bother, Beth will do all the work any”. Changing your prospective will not only make the project successful but also allow you to gain the respect of your peers.

It is also important to, not focus on people who blame others for their failings. Change your focus to what you can do and set your standard of excellence high. Surround your-self with positivity that will feed your motivation to excel. This way you can inspire other to be and do better. That is what true leaders do.

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