Monthly Giving

Make a Monthly Gift  


Talented Girls In Action Impacts Lives. Your Monthly Gift Can Too.


By giving a monthly donation to TGIA you are joining a network of amazing donors who work together to support our girls. By giving a recurring gift to Talented Girl in Action you will:


  • Enable the development of new program initiatives.
  • Support the recruitment and training of  mentors, tutors and curriculum instructors. 
  • Play a crucial role in supplying funding for TGIA’s monthly enrichment activities.
  • Make a difference in the lives of TGIA participants.








Monthly Giving Terms of Agreement

This authorization for PayPal to charge my credit/debit card is just like making a charge on my credit card or writing a check to Talented Girls in Action, except that it will be done automatically.

I understand that each transaction will appear on my monthly credit/debit card statement.

I further understand that this agreement will remain in effect until I suspend the recurring payment with PayPal.

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